Amsterdam Cost of living
Amsterdam Cost of Living
 The cost of living in Amsterdam has increased hugely since the introduction of the Euro on January 1st 2002.
On the 31st of December 2001 the cost of a cup of coffee in a coffeeshop was 3 Gilders but the next day January1st the same cup of coffee cost Euro 2, an increase of 50%. This happened to nearly everything except peoples wages.  Amsterdam is no longer the cheap city it once was. The Euro destroyed  it.

So what do the basics cost in Amsterrdam? 

Prices of course vary depending on product and service provider (shop / Supermarket). The list below shows average prices for Amsterdam checked in Albert Heijn Dam Square branch as of August 9th 2015.

One-bedroomed apartment in central Amsterdam 1,200 EUR 
One-bedroomed apartment outside central Amsterdam 1,000 EUR
Three-bedroomed apartment in central Amsterdam 2,500 EUR 
Three-bedroomed apartment outside central Amsterdam 1,750 EUR
1 litre milk
1.00 EUR
Loaf of white bread
1.35 EUR
Rice (1kg)
1.30 EUR
Dozen eggs
2.00 EUR
Chicken breasts (1kg)
7.50 EUR
Pack of cigarettes (Marlboro) 6.10 EUR
Utilities/Household (average Bill)
Mobile call rate (per minute - mobile to mobile)
0.20 EUR
Internet 1.5Mb/s (monthly) 29 EUR
Electricity, gas and water 175 EUR
Eating out
Three-course meal at mid-range restaurant
50-60 EUR
Big Mac meal
Coffee in café
2.50 EUR
Beer in bar
Coca-cola (500ml) 2.29 EUR
Taxi rate (per km)
2.20 EUR
City centre train fare
2.80 EUR
Petrol 1.69 EUR

Prices of course are changing almost daily and mosty in one direction, UP while the average wage either drops or goes up by a tiny %.

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