Amsterdam Cost of Living.

The cost of living in Amsterdam has increased hugely since the introduction of the Euro on January 1st 2002.
On the 31st of December 2001 the cost of a cup of coffee in a coffeeshop was 3 Gilders but the next day January1st the same cup of coffee cost Euro 2 , an increase of 50%.  This happened to nearly everything except peoples wages. Amsterdam is no longer the cheap city it once was. The Euro destroyed  it.
Some basic prices below as of September 2011.
Train to and from Airport Euro 3.60
Pack of 20 cigarettes €5
One-litre bottle of mineral water: €2.50 (Cheaper in Supermarkets, around Euro 75-Euro 1 for chilled)
33cl bottle of beer: €1.50 (Cheaper in supermarkets, as cheap as 75 cents)
Financial Times newspaper: €5 , Guardian newspaper Euro 3Times newspaper €3
City-centre tram / bus ticket: €1.60 (1 zone)
Adult football Ajax ticket: €25
Three-course meal with wine or beer: From €50
A one bedroom apartment in the city centre €200.000 upwards or an entire canal house comprising four to six floors minimum €700.000 upwards.  
Hotel Room per night around Euro 150 a night for 3-4 star but rates vary greatly depending on the time of year. 
1 Euro (€1) = £0.72; US$1.25; C$1.60; A$1.80; f2.20
Currency conversion rates as of  September 2006
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