The 3 Red Light Districts of Amsterdam

There are three different red light areas within Amsterdam but most tourists only know about the biggest and most famous one. You should certainly experience the atmosphere of this main Red Light District but you might find the smaller districts to be less of a tourist zoo and a more interesting, more uniquely Dutch experience.

Certainly, if you intend to do more than just look, the prices are cheaper and the chances of getting ripped off are far lower (Be sure to read our essential article “[How to Avoid Getting Ripped Off in the Amsterdam Red Light District]”).

Here are the different districts, each with their own article, street-listing and map:

[De Wallen or Walletjes] - 294 windows - the oldest and most famous.

[Singelgebied] - 64 windows - a pretty district along the Singel canal.

[De Pijp] - 45 windows - Amsterdam’s smallest red light district, a very different experience.