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Amsterdam Sense of Adventure

Unusual things to do in Amsterdam Looking for something different to do during your stay in Amsterdam well below are a few unusual things to try during your next visit, options you might not have tried before. A visit to Amsterdam in itself is an [...] Read more

Amsterdam Markets

No city break is complete without a visit to the local flea markets of which Amsterdam has many. Most of these operate six days a week, some only weekly and others only occasionally and none match London's Camden town or Paris' Marché aux puces, but [...] Read more


A guide to some of the best and unusual bars in Amsterdam.Places come and go on a regular basis in Amsterdam, a hip bar one month could next month be out of business. It's a strange old rock and roll world in the bar business in Amsterdam but the ones [...] Read more

Amsterdam's Red Light District -The ultimate guide

     Amsterdam is one of Europe's most popular city break destinations for good reason. Infamous for it "Drugs, Sex and Rock n' Roll" reputation, there is far more to Amsterdam than it's free-wheeling Red Light districts and Marijuana-Selling [...] Read more

Best Time To Visit Amsterdam

Amsterdam is widely recognised as one of the most popular cities of Europe. Don’t believe it?.Ask around and you’ll find people the world over have heard of Amsterdam and its charms. Most people only dream of coming to Amsterdam and while some make [...] Read more

Introduction to the Ultimate Red Light Guide of Amsterdam

All You Ever Wanted to Know About Amsterdam’s Red Light District … But Were Afraid Your Wife Would Hear You Ask We are calling this the ultimate guide to Amsterdam’s Red Light District, not because our egos have finally got completely out of [...] Read more

Does My Age Matter in the Amsterdam Red Light District?

When we use sex providers, it is not uncommon to worry about issues that would be important in a non-paid situation, such as dating or getting into a relationship. Should age be a concern when visiting a prostitute? Are there any legal problems you need [...] Read more

Where to Pee in the Amsterdams Red Light District

It may seem to be a trivial issue, but peeing can quickly become a matter of pressing importance as you wander about Amsterdam’s Red Light District, especially if you are determined to cover the entire area, with its many side streets and alleys. Unlike [...] Read more

Can I get into trouble for visiting a prostitute in Amsterdam

At the time of writing, in the first half of 2013, the answer is NO, you cannot get into trouble for visiting a prostitute in Amsterdam. Obviously, quite separate from the legality of prostitution, it is important to note that the age of consent in [...] Read more

Where to Find Free Sex in Amsterdam

One of the great ironies of Amsterdam is that so many men become intrigued by easy access to prostitutes in the Red Light District (what could be easier than window shopping, right?), but fail to realise that they are standing in one of the most sexually [...] Read more

How to Avoid Amsterdam's Red Light District

For many, even those with no interest whatsoever in paying for sex, the sheer novelty and notoriety of the Red Light District is one of the main reasons to visit Amsterdam but, for a sizeable number of people, it something that they would much rather [...] Read more

How old are the Prostitutes in the Amsterdam Red Light District

By law, and it is strongly enforced, a prostitute must be at least 18 years of age in order to rent a window in any of Amsterdam’s red light district, so, you can be pretty sure that they all exceed the age of consent in The Netherlands, which is 16 [...] Read more

How to Avoid Accidentally Sleeping with a Man in Amsterdam's Red Light District

For the unwary, the inexperienced and, indeed, the drunk or stoned, there is considerable risk that you may accidentally sleep with man during you time in the Red Light District. Transgendered folk of various types - shemales, ladyboys and transvestites [...] Read more

Catch it While You Can: Amsterdam's Vanishing Red Light District

The main reason why Amsterdam manages to compete with other major Europeans cities and other top international tourist destinations is that it has a unique reputation and mix of attractions - but, you need to know, this may be coming to an end, we urge [...] Read more

The 3 Red Light Districts of Amsterdam

There are three different red light areas within Amsterdam but most tourists only know about the biggest and most famous one. You should certainly experience the atmosphere of this main Red Light District but you might find the smaller districts to be [...] Read more

Red Light Districts of Amsterdam - #1 De Wallen or Walletjes

#1 De Wallen or Walletjes When most people refer to “the Amsterdam Red Light District” they mean the largest and most famous one, located in the warren of streets around the Oudezijds Voorburgwal & Oudezijds Achterburgwal canals and the grand [...] Read more

How to find LadyBoys, Shemales and Transvestites in the Red Light District

If you are interested in an experience with “a little something extra”, Amsterdam should certainly satisfy your curiosity: elsewhere in this guide, we have discussed how easy it is to experience different sorts of women in the Red Light District, [...] Read more

Cycling in the Amsterdam Red Light District

If you are reasonably fit, and the weather is suitably clement, there is no doubt that cycling is the handiest way to get around Amsterdam, it really is a bicycle city, and there are plenty of places where you can hire a bicycle for a few hours, a few [...] Read more

Women in Amsterdam: The Facts

(Part Oneof the [Where to Find Free Sex in Amsterdam] series of articles) The Netherlands as a whole has slightly more females than males but in Amsterdam, like all capital cities, the ratio of women is far higher. One in three Dutch marriages end [...] Read more

How to Talk to Dutch Women

(Part Two of the [Where to Find Free Sex in Amsterdam] series of articles) The Netherlands is famed as one of the world’s most equal so, obviously, this means that the deck is heavily stacked against men. You must remain alert to this fact when chatting [...] Read more

Chatting Up Women in Amsterdam Nightclubs

(Part Five of the [Where to Find Free Sex in Amsterdam] series of articles) Nightclubs are different. Again, it helps an awful lot to arrive as part of a group, even if it is just a bunch of folks you met in a bar, because the door staff are generally [...] Read more

Chatting Up Women in Amsterdam Bars

(Part Four of the [Where to Find Free Sex in Amsterdam] series of articles) The bar culture is quite good in Amsterdam, particularly in hot-spot destinations such as Rembrandtplein, where the square is surrounded by bars and the square itself full [...] Read more

Chatting up Women - The Joy of Drug-Induced Bonding

(Part Three of the [Where to Find Free Sex in Amsterdam] series of articles) When sampling the city’s nightlife, you will encounter a very high number of foreign women who are either, like yourself, tourists or living and working in Amsterdam for [...] Read more

Is it Safe to Sleep with a Prostitute in the Amsterdam?

Which one? Oh, sorry, you mean in general … no. What one must always bear in mind with prostitution is that it is an industrial operation, massively increasing the number of sexual partners an individual has and, therefore, massively increasing [...] Read more

How to Eat Cheaply in the Amsterdam Red Light District

Loading up on snacks and drinks to fuel your rutting session in the Red Light The district is far from cheap. There was a time when eating out in Amsterdam was relatively good value but, with the introduction of the Euro on the 1st of January 2002, [...] Read more

Amsterdam Sex Clubs, Escort Agencies & Massage Parlors

(Warning- some strong language on this page, if you are easily offended, please fuck off now). Escort Agencies Amsterdam escorts elegance Club Elegance Online Booking! Go to theEscorts Eleganceonline booking form! Or call us at:+31 (0)6 [...] Read more

Sex in Amsterdam - everything you wanted to know

Below is information on the sex industry here in Amsterdamand a selection of links to many different sex clubs, brothels andescort agencies and even the sex museum. Whatever you are into, men, women, leather or whateverAmsterdam has it waiting for [...] Read more

Amsterdam Attractions

As one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, Amsterdam has a whole range of attractions to keep every tourist entertained. The city has a history spanning 800 years, with ancient churches, quaint streets and picturesque canal houses just [...] Read more

Amsterdam Sport and More

In the Netherlands as well as Amsterdam the national sport is football and with Amsterdam being home to one of the most successful clubs in Europe namely Ajaxwww.ajax.nldue to their recentsuccess in the 2002/2003 UEFA Champions League. Another isPSV Eindhoven [...] Read more

Amsterdam: The Do's and Don'ts

Things to do and not to do when visiting Amsterdam Amsterdam is a very tolerant city when it comes to most things but still has some basic rules, don't be stupid and you'll be alright. Do be alert for pickpockets. A favorite of pickpockets in [...] Read more

Amsterdam CoffeeShops

Amsterdam's relaxed policy towards the legal availability of high-quality weed and hash is common knowledge all over the world. but the word coffeeshop in Amsterdam means something totally different to what coffee shop means in any other country around [...] Read more

Amsterdam Communications

Telephone: A hard thing to find in Amsterdam and when you do tryto get it to work is another thing. Most do not accept coins, so you need either a credit card or a phone card. There are two types of telephone boxes on the streets: cash and phone card [...] Read more

Amsterdam Cost of living

The cost of living in Amsterdam has increased hugely since the introduction of the Euro on January 1st 2002. On the 31st of December 2001 the cost of a cup of coffee in a coffeeshop was 3 Gilders but the next day January1st the same cup of coffee cost [...] Read more

Amsterdam Business Services

If you need some business services during your stay in Amsterdam below are some useful addresses and links to many of the main Business Contacts Kamer van Koophandel Amsterdam (Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Amsterdam) Full contact information [...] Read more

Amsterdam and Netherlands, Did You Know?

Below are a few interesting facts about Amsterdam and the Netherlands. Amsterdam has over 1 million bikes but only 700.000 Amsterdammers When you land at Schiphol Airport, you are four meters below sea level. The Netherlands has more than 4,000 [...] Read more

Amsterdam Food and Drinks

Places to eat and drink in Amsterdam There are 1000's of places to eat and drink in Amsterdam but getting something good to eat is another thing. A lot of tourist places do not care what they serve up as they know they will not will not see you again [...] Read more

Amsterdam Events

There is usually always something happening in Amsterdam, below is a list of the annual events held each year plus links to "what's on in Amsterdam" sites which show daily listing of everything happening in Amsterdam on a nightly basis. January Picasso- [...] Read more

Amsterdam Excursions

There are many half and full day excursions from Amsterdam to many other Dutch cities and all can be booked at the national tourist office. Many tours can be booked hereAmsterdam Tours - Book all the above tours here Below are the most popular ones. Half [...] Read more

Amsterdam Further Distractions

Vondelpark The largest park in Amsterdam and an amazing popular place for Amsterdammers to hang out,1000's of people walk, jog, skateboard, cycle, sit, feed the ducks, people watch, picnic, paint, sun bathe, dog walk and many other things . Voldel [...] Read more

Gay Scene In Amsterdam

Amsterdam Gay - Amsterdam Gay Guide Amsterdam is not the European gay capital it once was but still has a lot to offer that most cities cannot. The gay scene may not be the biggest in Europe but without dough the only place where gay men can walk openly [...] Read more

Health Care in Amsterdam

Health care in Amsterdam is excellent and waiting times for operations is not longas in many other European countries. Compulsory insurance is required but rates are fixed by law so insurance companies cannot penalise you on the grounds of your age [...] Read more

Amsterdam and the Netherlands a brief History

C. 1270 Amsterdamofficially founded on what is now know as the Amstel river. 1275 Amsterdam is granted toll free use of the Dutch waterways to enable for it to concentrate on trade. 1287 The Netherlands builds it's first water defenses which are [...] Read more

Language Amsterdam Guide

Amsterdam Language - The basics. The official language of The Netherlands is Dutch and a very hard language to learn, which is spoken by 14 of the 16.5 million people living in the Netherlands, Turkish, Moroccans and English speakers make up the remainder. [...] Read more

Group Accommodation in Amsterdam

Large Group Accommodation families, groups and Stag & Hen Parties in Amsterdam We think we have the best group accommodation in Amsterdam and we have served the needs of 100's if not 1000's of stag/bachelor & Hen parties and many other groups [...] Read more

Nightlife In Amsterdam

Amsterdam has the name as one of Europe's main party cities but gone are the days when it was a seven night party town, since the introduction of the Euro back in 2002, going out more than once a week has become so expensive people cannot afford it. Even [...] Read more

Overview of Amsterdam

Amsterdam Overview. Famous the world over as a city of Drugs and red-lights, But without seeing if for oneself you cannot imagine what to expect. Growing up one heard about coffeeshops and girls in windows but seeing it for the first time can be a real [...] Read more

Netherlands Information

In the Netherlands we drive on the left side of the road, some travelers may encounter road conditions that differ from those in there own country the main one being we drive on the left side of the road while United kingdom, Ireland and Below is some [...] Read more

Money Currency Exchange Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Money / Currency Currency: The Dutch currency is the Euro, which is written EUR Currency Exchange:Money can be changed in various locations around Amsterdam. The best place to change your money is in one of theGWK Travelexshops,who [...] Read more

Amsterdam Drugs - the facts and the fiction

Coffeeshops Amsterdam Dutch law make a clear distinction between hard drugs (drugs with unacceptable risks involved) and soft drugs (drugs with limited risks). Hard drugs are illegal and sentences run up to 12 years imprisonment. Strictly speaking [...] Read more

Amsterdam Public Holidays

Public Holidays. Annual public holidays in Amsterdam. Most of the Amsterdam public holidays all fall in the first half of the year. New Year's Day 1 January Good Friday Easter (Pasen) Official public holiday, Shops and banks are closed, some [...] Read more

Sex in Amsterdam everything you wanted to know about it

Below is information on the sex industry here in Amsterdamand a selection of links to many different sex clubs, brothels and escort agencies and even the sex museum. Whatever you are into, men, women, leather or whateverAmsterdam has it waiting for [...] Read more

Amsterdam Restaurants - the good the bad and the inedible

With a restaurant on nearly every corner, you will not have trouble getting something to eat in Amsterdam. Most of the bars also sell food as well as alcohol, but getting something nice to eat is another thing. Below is a few places which we have tried [...] Read more

Amsterdam passport and visa information

Please note - Although we do our best to keep this information up-to-date, passport and visa regulations are subject to constant change so use the Netherlands Visa Links below for up to date information. For up to the minute information call the Dutch [...] Read more

Museums in Amsterdam

For a small city, Amsterdam has a lot of museums. At last count we had over 50 and more open all the time, a recent one is The Museum of Bags and Pursesand are among one of the main tourist attractions besides sex and drugs, of course. Some are world [...] Read more

Things To Do in Amsterdam When You're Broke

The words "free" and "Dutch" are generally thought to mix together about as well as chalk and cheese. The Dutch are knowfor giving you nothing for nothing. Perhaps because of more competition in the travel market from the up and coming cities of Prague [...] Read more

Shopping in Amsterdam

Best places to shop in Amsterdam Many come to Amsterdam for its breathtaking canals, to sample its cheese and even dabble in its infamous coffeeshop culture. Some, however, come to shop till they drop. Amsterdam’s extensive shopping experience rivals [...] Read more

How to Get a Mobile Phone in Amsterdam

When visiting Amsterdam from outside Europe people find the mobile charges unbearablyexpensive so it's always advised to get yourself a sim card from any mobile phone shop when you arrive in Amsterdam. They cost Euro 5 to 25 depending on the amount [...] Read more

Cycling in the Amsterdam Red Light District 2

If you are reasonably fit, and the weather is suitably clement, there is no doubt that cycling is the handiest way to get around Amsterdam, it really is a bicycle city, and there are plenty of places where you can hire a bicycle for a few hours, a few [...] Read more

Sex Trafficking - Separating the Facts from the Bullshit

What is your understanding of the term “sex trafficking”? The original definition, as recorded by Wikipedia, was “the organised movement of people, usually women, between countries and within countries for sex work with the use of physical coercion, [...] Read more

Online Dating in Amsterdam - Same Old Abject Sadness

In this Internet Age, it is no surprise that connoisseurs of free sex, having fruitlessly roamed the streets and canals of Amsterdam on many a rainy night, might find themselves thinking: “Hang on minute, couldn’t I be doing all this from the warmth [...] Read more

The Squares of Amsterdam - Dam Square and other great public squares

The main ones are Dam Square, Leides Square (Leidesplein), Nieuwmarkt Square, Rembrandt Square (Rembrandtplein), Waterloo Square (Waterlooplein) and Noodermarkt. NIEUWMARKT SQUARE Brief History of Nieuwmarkt and the Waag. The Nieuwmarkt Square [...] Read more

Amsterdam Escape Travel Services - Useful travel links

Below is a collection of travel links to helpful sites which we hope you find useful. We have assembled a selection of travel tools below to help you with your trip. From planning and packing to flight times and changes to them, from airport pick-up to [...] Read more

Amsterdam Hostels

With over 130 hostels in Amsterdam, there is a hostel in Amsterdam for everyone.If you are on a real tight budget you can get some great budget rooms in some of Amsterdam smaller hostels, Below you will find details of a selection we have chosen, a [...] Read more