About AmsterdamEscape

We are AmsterdamEscape. Famous Since 2000.

AmsterdamEscape was the first and original agency offering Amsterdam accommodation.

Our first guest was Teddy Bear from Woodstock F.M in New York City. He had arrived in Amsterdam having booked an apartment with some scammers he had found online. On arrival, was shown a couple of mattresses in a horrible little dump and was asked for NLG 4000 (Dutch Guilders).

He came down to inspect our AmsterdamHome apartment and checked in with us straight away. Our first happy guest.

Remember this was back in 2000 when the internet was just getting started, Yahoo was the main search engine along with LookSmart and Google was nowhere. We all used Outlook Express or Hotmail for e-mail.

We started with AmsterdamHome (2 bedroom Town House) and within two years we were operating 17 apartments in 4 buildings in, on and around Nieuwmarkt Square.

We were joined by our friend BrendanBowie who greeted all our guests and became famous for being "The man who can".

Since then we have had our UP'S and our downs, and downs and UP's, in 2006 we managed to get ourselves banned from Google, removed totally, all pages, after doing silly things with links. It took a total rewrite from the ground up and a year in the sandbox, to get relisted. When we did, we went straight back to number 1, page 1 on Google where we had been previously.

Today, there are 100's of competitors but AmsterdamEscape still differs from the rest (the big and small guys). Our customer service is second to none; You'll always get a real human being when you call us and our Live Chat system is also manned 24/7 for instant help.

In the AmsterdamEscape world, Customer is still king, they may not always be right, but there always the customer.

We bend over backways and carry out daily miracles for our guests, the impossible can take a little longer, but we always do our best.

So if you want to become part of the Escape Experience and join the many thousands of previous happy Escapees, we will give you a warm welcome aboard.

The AmsterdamEscape Committee

Helping people Escape since 2000.