Amsterdam Sense of Adventure - Unusual things to do in Amsterdam but strictly for the adventurous.

Unusual things to do in Amsterdam

Looking for something different to do during your stay in Amsterdam well below are a few unusual things to try during your next visit, options you might not have tried before.

A visit to Amsterdam in itself is an adventure and a half. But there’s only so much cheese and Van Gogh one can muster! If you’re looking to do something unusual or to get your adrenaline pumping during your stay, then you’ll want to check out some of the exciting activities highlighted below.

Escape Rooms

The Architect

In the very heart of Amsterdam is a unique opportunity for you and your friends to get locked in a mysterious room and find a way to escape. The room is located in the catacombs of Beurs van Berlage and is filled with secrets and puzzles that when solved will allow you to “Sherlock” your way out. This is a real-life game and lasts up to 60 minutes.

The Vault

Want a bigger challenge? The Vault is a unique break-in experience that’ll make you feel like a member of Ocean’s 11. The task at hand is to break into a locked vault under the Beurs van Berlage and steal an object. Both The Vault and The Architect are quite the adrenalin rush and may be played on the same day. 2-6 players are required, so bring your friends! Bookings must be made online.

Address: Beursplein 1, 1012 JW, Amsterdam

Other Escape Rooms

Amsterdam is brimming with all kinds of escape rooms to tickle your fancy. Not exactly The Walking Dead, but you can spend an afternoon escaping zombies or even busting your way out of a room in the Red Light District. The choice is yours.

Extreme Sports

Indoor Climbing

Climbing is fast becoming a popular sport in the Netherlands. While there aren’t any mountains around, there are several climbing gyms to satisfy the need.

De Klimmuur

Conveniently located near Amsterdam Central Station, De Klimmuur offers both climbing and bouldering opportunities with or without lessons. A 30-minute introductory class is, however, mandatory for beginners. Summer months often sees the roof of the climbing hall open up, which is a nice addition to the climbing experience on dry and sunny days.

Address: Dijksgracht 2, 1019 BS, Amsterdam


Not far from Amsterdam Sloterdijk Station is Klimhal where indoor and outdoor bouldering and climbing is the name of the game. The climbing gym stands 21 metres tall and offers a multitude of facilities, including personal trainers and 300 different climbing routes. Klimhal is perfect for both novices and experts who want to get their climb on.

Address: Naritaweg 48, 1043 BZ, Amsterdam

Surfcenter IJburg

Windsurfing isn’t exactly the first thing that springs to mind when thinking of things to do in Amsterdam. But has plenty of wind, water and sand, Amsterdam has them all. Head due east of Amsterdam Central Station with tramline 26 and arrive at the city’s very own stretch of sand. At Surfcenter IJburg, you can rent a boat and windsurf to your heart’s content. Windsurf lessons are available for newbies who want to learn the sport.

Extreme Dining

Food Festivals

If you find yourself at one of Amsterdam’s food festivals like the annual Rollende Keukens or Amsterdam Kookt, then chances are you’ll stumble upon food trucks plating up more than just the typical Dutch friets (fries). The Dutch Weed Burger truck has foodies lined up only to find they’re in fact seaweed burgers. In Amsterdam, who would have thought? But the food truck that gets the most eyes rolling and stomach’s churning for that matter is Bugzz. Yes. The Dutch are feasting on insects! Bugzz are serving creepy-crawlies in their burgers, as a salad topping, and as a snack. Yum?

Dine in the Dark

Restaurant Ctaste invites diners to amplify their sense of smell and taste with the novel concept of dining in pitch black. Servers are either blind or visually impaired and perfectly capable of waiting on you during your visit, ensuring you are comfortable and get the right plate of food at your table.

Dine with the Dutch

From one extreme to another, Dine with the Dutch offers you the chance to join a local family or couple for an evening meal in the comfort of their home. After booking online you and your party will be matched with a local host for an evening meal that you won’t soon forget!

A Little Something Wacky

When in or around Amsterdam’s centre and you spot a cyclist sporting a yellow bike rack, you may just be in for the ride of your life. Yellow Bakkie launched in 2015 to “spark some love” between tourists and locals. Shouting out “bakkie” upon seeing the yellow bike rack you’re technically “hailing” a free ride through town, perched on the back of their bicycle, Dutch style. The idea is meant to allow locals to show their new-found friend around their city. This is the adventure many travellers dream of having. With only 150 yellow bakkie’s around town, here’s hoping you spot one!

Beyond Amsterdam

Paintball Jungle

The ultimate outdoor laser games and paintball park, Paintball Jungle is a short 15-minute train ride from Amsterdam. Not suited for visits on your own, all games must be reserved online.

Snow Planet

Apart from a few bridges (which seem more like mountains when cycling over), Amsterdam is still as flat as ever. The Dutch love going on “winter sports”, but for those who can’t get to the Alps, Snow Planet will have to do. With two indoor pistes topped with real snow, Snow Planet is the next best thing for skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts in the Netherlands.

Wetlands Safari

Turn your back to Amsterdam and face the Wetlands of Waterland. Nature lovers will be in heaven as they explore the 17th-century landscape, villages and moorland meadows on a canoe. This guided journey will also bring you in contact with the natural wildlife and habitat that lives just 15 minutes outside of Amsterdam.In canoes, you will explore far into the moorland meadows. Where possible, we will get out of the canoe for a small walk in the reedlands.

An expert guide, English speaking, will inform you about plants and wildlife and the origins of this special landscape. A landscape that inspired Holland’s most famous painters back in the Golden Age, painters like Rembrandt and Ruysdael. € 33 Including donation to Landschap Noord-Holland.


For those who find Amsterdam too flat, a vertical experience can be had at Bungy Jump Holland, located near Central Station at Oostelijke Handelskade 1 (tel: (020) 419 6005; fax: (020) 364 9395;

Jumps can be made from 1 May to 31 October 1200-2100 daily (except Tuesday and Wednesday in May). The cost is Euro 100 forthe first jump.

From August 2016, adrenalin junkies anddare devilscan get their fixa-topof the Faralda Crane Hotel. This unusual spot not only offers breathtaking views of the river IJ but the chance to bungee jump off its side. Hop over to the hotel in Amsterdam North using the free ferry behind Amsterdam Central Station and put your guts to the test.

Address: NDSM-plein78, 1033 WB, Amsterdam


One does not think of climbing when it comes to Amsterdam.Because Amsterdam has no mountains and is so flat, there is nowhere to climb to. The Dutch decided to climb indoors. There are a number of indoor climbing places.

Klimhal Amsterdam is the perfect place for the beginner and the advanced climber, for groups and individual climbers and is located in the centre close to central station.

The climbing gym has many facilities, professional instructors and is easy to reach by car and offer free parking and public transportation is also close by.

The gym is 21 metres high (approx.63 ft), has a climbing surface of more than 2300 m2 and a boulder area of 250 m2. Klimhal Amsterdam has a pleasant bar for after the activities


Race Planet is home to some of the best go-karting tracks in the country. Their indoor tracks come in many levels, making them perfect for both beginner karters and those looking for a challenge. There’s also a bowling alley, game zone and in-house bar to complete your experience.


If you were unable to catch a glimpse of the Dutch country on your flight into Amsterdam, then here’s your second chance. Rob Wiegers flies his hot-air balloons daily, weather permitting of course, and is willing to take flight for one up to ten passengers per balloon.

Fly high in the sky in a real hot air balloon. Up to 10 people per flight.

Just 20 minutes outside Amsterdam.

Part of a group flight Per person

Departure from any of the following locations:
Amersfoort / Gooi / Groene Hart / Noord-Holland / Utrecht / Zuid-Holland

€ 149,-
Last minute bookings Check availability

Private balloon rides

Your private balloon basket Per person Total
Private balloon 2 passengers (€ 550)
Private balloon 3 passengers (€ 625)
Private balloon 4 passengers (€ 750)
Private balloon 5 passengers (€ 875)
Private balloon 6 passengers (€ 930)
Private balloon 7 passengers (€ 1.050)
Private balloon 8 passengers (€ 1.120)
Private balloon 9 passengers (€ 1.260)
Private balloon 10 passengers (€ 1.350)
Private balloon 11 passengers (€ 1.430)
Private balloon12 passengers (€ 1.500)

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